Code Analysis Tool VisualNDepend at a Glance

To admit I ever thought that code analysis is interessting at all, but not really necessary for my projects. Since I saw VisualNDepend I changed my opinion about that. But step by step.

Patrick Smacchia (C# MVP) asked me, if I would like to have a look at VisualNDepend. That was in december last year. I was not really confident about the need of such a software, but I told him that I like to test it. I got a registration code. But I did not testet it. In January Patrick asked me, if I did have a look into VisualNDepend. So I had been caught.


I installed VisualNDepend on my machine, created a new project and added my solution of TimePunch to it. After analyzing the project, a report had been created and VisualNDepend opened the main window.

My first impression was that the screen was really overloaded with information – so that it nearly knocks me out. But I thought about Patrick and gave VisualNDepend a chance.

Today I like this Tool very much, and I would not like to work without it anymore. So what changed my mind? For me, it was the powerfull and impressive CQL (Code Query Language) of VisualNDepend that convinced me.

Have a look at the following example:

// Methods that could be declared as 'private' in C#, 'Private' in VB.NET

Here’s a link to the complete CQL Query Documentation.

I love to have that quick overview of the parts of my software that needs to be refactored. For example, it tells you the methods that have the most cyclomatic complexity, or it can give you an overview of which methods uses boxing and unboxing for parameter values that can slow down your system.

Check out VisualNDepend and tell me your opinion:

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One Response to “Code Analysis Tool VisualNDepend at a Glance”

  1. ajdotnet Says:


    just as a hint: it may not go as far as NDepend (arguably ;-) ) but the Visual Studio 2010 Architecture Edition may provide some similar features with the Architecture Explorer:


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