Give me a Mock ;)

Last days I stumpled upon a great Mockup Tool that creates really stunning results in a few minutes.

Our .NET User Group in Frankfurt invited me to a workshop where a new Mockup Tool called “Balsamiq” should be shown to the developers. Unfortunatly I wasn’t able to come due to my daughters birthyday. But the mail our User Group leader wrote let my interest awake for that tool. So I decided to test it by my own, and I was luckily suprised by the ease of creating UI mockups.

Have a look at the following mockup that I created with Balsamiq within a few minutes, and than have a look at the original screen.

TpClient Mockup TpClient Original

I think you can’t deny the affinity of both screens-) Ok. The Mockup was made out of an existing application, but that was only because of my testing purpose.

In my testing I only found one thing that anoyes a little. It was that I accidently changed the size of the wrong UI element sometimes. But I found a way to fix that issue. You simple have to pin new UI elements in Balsamiq when you’re fine with it. With that feature you can prevent moving or resizing elements you don’t want to change.

So give that tool a chance. For me, I’m pretty sure that I will use it in my next project.

– Gerhard

BTW: Here’s the link to Balsamiq (

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One Response to “Give me a Mock ;)”

  1. Rainer Eschen Says:

    If you also use UML have a look at these Balsamiq shapes:

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